Dingle: a Destination and a Journey

The road to Dingle

Is omitting certain truths the same as lying? You are probably saying yes, but I am hoping to get an exemption in this case. At the very least, Bryan has forgiven me for this omission (I think). Here’s the deal. There are two ways for us to get to Dingle. From everything I read, one road was very boring. Additionally, we’d be doing most of that drive on the way out of Dingle anyway. The other road was the only option I presented to Bryan, the drive through Conor Pass.

Driving to Dingle

Conor Pass was touting as having some of the most beautiful sights to see in all of Ireland. (Truth!) It was also only supposed to be done by the most skilled drivers as it was terrifying. So as I routed Bryan through Conor Pass, but not before I calmly mentioned that there was some difficult driving ahead for him but nothing he hadn’t already done. (I thought this was true! I was wrong.)

It started out a little treacherous but not too bad. We took a long break in order to take some pictures before continuing on. And then it got bad. And then it got worse. As in Garda (police) barreling down on us on the ledge of a cliff with no place for us to pull over. But after a furrowed brow (and perhaps a few gray hairs) Bryan showed he really was a pro at this manual car business!

Connor Pass on the Dingle Peninsula Drive

Here’s a shot of the two-lane road of Conor Pass road to Dingle. No, that’s not an optical illusion, that’s the width.

The Dingle Peninsula

Arriving in Dingle for lunch, we circled countless times before finding a tiny car park and a cafe nearby serving “the Dingle (hot) Dog.” After lunch we took a scenic tour around the Dingle Peninsula and our first stop the Dunbeg Fort. Now I’m going to come off as a huge cheapskate, but here’s the Fort…

Dunbeg Fort on the Dingle Peninsula

That’s the extent of it.  And to get any closer it would cost you 6 euros per person.  What on earth could be 12 euros better any closer? We didn’t think it would be so it was time to move on and see the rest of the Dingle Peninsula before making our way to Killarney for the night.

Dingle Peninsula

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